Welcome to Yiga Choeling Monastery

Yiga Choeling Monastery, Ghoom, Darjeeling.

Ghum or Ghoom Monastery is the popular name of the Yiga Choeling Monastery located at Ghoom at an elevation of 8,000 feet, 8 km from Darjeeling in the State of West Bengal in India. It is the first ever Tibetan Buddhist monastery to be built in the Darjeeling region.

The Monastery belongs to the Gelukpa or the Yellow Hat sect and was constructed in 1850 by the famous Mongolian monk and astrologer, Sokpo Sherab Gyatso.


Saka Dawa - The Birth, Enlightenment and Parinirvana of Buddha

It falls in the fourth month of the Tibetan calendar; the monastery conducts 16 days of meditation programme in the name of Chenrezig or Avalokiteshwara.

During these days many dharma devotees come from various places to practise this holy programme.